Welcome to Norcom Cares

Community involvement is central to our identity, and as a company with both local and regional roots, Norcom Mortgage finds countless opportunities to get involved.

We credit our employees as the origin of our diverse volunteerism. Norcom Mortgage encourages its team members to support the causes that matter to them, and we find that our team is constantly inspired. Whether joining in events like Movember or Walk MS in support of our team members and their families, or rallying for the needs of our community through events such as Focus on Canton: Walk for Hunger, we confirm time and again that the core of our identity is our connection with and commitment to each other.

Norcom Mortgage employees are true citizens of their communities. They participate in charity walks with their families, raise money for neighbors in need, serve on parent committees in their schools, and contribute in countless other ways. We know the community that surrounds us makes our success possible, and we are honored to in turn give that same gift.

We serve to give back, to better understand our clients, to grow our communities to be as strong as they can be, and to exercise the values of compassion and service that are the foundation of our mission. We hope that as a future member of our team, you share our passion for service.